Mac os x file path showing on desktop

How to Display Full File Names on the Mac OS X Desktop

You can drag the file or folder from Finder application to the dialog box. The full path of the file or folder will appear in the dialog box.

How to Copy File Path in Mac OS X

Additionally, you can drag a file or folder into the Terminal application or many other apps, to expand the path. Also, if you enable showing the Path Bar in the Finder application, then you can drag any part of the full path to a dialog box.

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I'm using macOS Mojave. It's easy to find what you want, just go to folder and click on gear icon on top of window, there you can see option called "Copy 'folderName' as Pathname" That is it! By design, Apple only shows a path for network share files in the get info pane so you'll need to attach a service to Finder to get this in general for reasons, I'm sure I'd love to hear over a drink. You can process several files at once, control all sorts of tweaks to how the path is constructed.

Change the Default Save Location of Screenshots in Mac OS X

I also don't have to do multiple clicks and I copy off paths all the time so it's worth the expense to me. I could see making an AppleScript or swift script to do this for free as well if you had a well defined string you wanted to get from the location of a specific file that would be general to all files once you coded it. This would only be good if you didn't know to connect it to services for quicker execution than the built in way or needed a different format for the path. Sign up to join this community.

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I couldn't figure out a way to do that in Mac. Harcker Harcker 1, 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Wow, I had no idea! I don't see a way to do it with just Finder.

Quickly Copy a File or Folder Path to the Clipboard in Mac OS X

The best I could do is: Open a Terminal window. Drag the file you want into terminal. Select the filename in the terminal window. This command tells Finder to show hidden files and then restarts it. They appear partially transparent to distinguish hidden files and folders from normally unhidden ones.

File Path and CWD

Want to stop Finder from showing hidden files and folders? Want to unhide a file or folder? If you remember the exact path of the folder or file, you can type it into the terminal.

How To Get File Path In Mac

You can also press the up arrow key at the terminal to cycle through previous commands, locating the command that made the file or folder hidden. You can also run various Terminal commands that will display these files. Image Credit: Quentin Meulepas on Flickr. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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