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Customer Reviews Awall It has a small learning curve, and functions in smart ways, and handles large PDF files rather well.

Installing SoapUI on Mac

I have to read documents for work and often buy books in pdf format. Leave your review. User Manual. All rights reserved. We'll be sending our newsletters to the e-mail address you enter here:. Is this because Team Viewer doesn't connect the rival operating systems?

Why won't Team Viewer add my Macbook to my account?

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Are these related? Again, I'm new at this and honestly don't know much of what I'm doing and would appreciate some patient assistance.

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Go to Solution. Firdstly, you don't need an unattended password on the Mac unless you are going to control it from the Acer.

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It sounds to me like you are stuck in the installation. Are you sure you downloaded the full version of TeamViewer on the Mac?

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Id restart the Mac, redownload the full TV version. The quit all programs including your webbrowser, then start the TV installer. You may need to look in the Download folder for an item named TeamViewer. Double click that icon then you will have the TV installer. When installing, skip the prt about unattened access passwords.

You can always go back to that later. From your description, I would say you have a web browser open and are just looking at the online management console. This isn't the software, it's just where you can manage your account online.

You need to either open the app if it is installed or download and install the application. It should look like this where you have a TeamViewer ID showing. On the contrary, I do have the software on the Macbook. I installed the app and the icon is on my deck.

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  4. Looks like you just need to get TeamViewer running on your Mac. Look ok the recent items option on the Apple menu.

    Install Weka on Mac OSX

    See if you have TeamViewer. If So, select that. If now look in the Applications folder and start it from there. If you can't find it in the Applicatiosn menu, are you sure you installed the full TeamViewer app? Maybe you have the Quick support version installed. That version of TV will not allow you to connect to another computer. Do you see the TeamViewer icon on your Doc? Is there a small gray dot next to it.

    The dot indicates that an application is running. I have set "Allowed apps downloaded from:" to "Anywhere". Instead of double click, right click it and press "open". Then it should work. This solution worked for me. I didn't have a dmg file to begin with because I used homebrew to install Gimp, so many of the other suggestions were not applicable in my case.

    I did drag the GIMP icon from the installer to the Application folder and it worked - What I'm used to is that when I install a program an extra Application folder shows up next to the program icon and I draged it to that Application folder. For apps not downloaded from the store you need to go into the applications folder and right click the app. This is typically a 2 finger click.


    Click run. When trying to install the program, it does not end up in the application folder as other programs does. I can start the program when selecting "open" on then. Is this just how it works in this situation - Using Finder to locate the.