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How, simple; By chance, I checked directly with Cannon, and guest what, I should have started there.. Removed the file, as in the post above, and then added scanner in settings. Just tested, and it worked with Mountain Lions own scanner function. In Mountain Lion.

I followed the original instructions. Works in my Adobe Pro and the Canoscan toolbox. Was looking for this fix everywhere as one of our customers was experiencing the same issues, downloaded toolbox and driver, amended log files and restarted. Works great now! Thanks for the advice. It works in Mountain Lion as before. I followed instructions you said had no CNQL file but removed all bits from a previous attempt to install so there was no Canon scanner files on the computer. Downloaded the files. Installed the Toolbox first.

Then the Driver. Plugged the scanner in, and voila it scanned first time. Set it up to open in iPhoto as I had it before Mountain Lion. Jul 21, PM. Jul 22, AM in response to 7p In response to 7p. In many cases, no minor fix exists. Better to apply that money to the cost of a new scanner. Jul 22, AM. Jul 22, AM in response to alansky1 In response to alansky1. Jul 26, AM. Jul 30, PM in response to 7p In response to 7p. I just updated to Lion and had a feeling there would be a problem with my Canon Lide Sure enough, Lion killed it.

I did, however, follow 7P's directions to the letter and my scanner is now working with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 to scan photos. I don't use the CanoScan Toolbox software very much, but it works as well. You saved me lots of headaches and expense. Thanks so much!!! Jul 30, PM. As of now Canon has taken down the drivers and toolbox app. I must hope it is because they are about to have Lion update? It could happen. I assumed i should drill down dor the latest OS X.

Do as the steps say.

CanoScan LiDE 60

Simply choose "Mac OS X" - do not click the popup menu and get more specific. Aug 3, AM. Aug 10, AM in response to 7p In response to 7p. Thanks a lot 7p for clear step-by-step, and help the world postpone a lifespan of a useful scanner! Step 13 says the file is "cstbosxej4. Those who aren't there yet, may have to try either of those versions. Just copy the name and Google for the file but don't forget to remove those folders. Aug 10, AM. Aug 19, AM. Aug 19, AM in response to 7p In response to 7p.

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Aug 24, AM. Aug 31, PM in response to hypnoticdancer In response to hypnoticdancer. I had the Scangear driver installed. Not sure if that helped or not, but it popped up neatly in the Printer and Scanner Preference Pane as you discribed, and worked fine in both Image Capture and the Scanner App. Aug 31, PM. Sep 24, PM in response to 7p In response to 7p.

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Thanks, 7p, works perfectly! Scanner now works with both the apple scanner app as well as CanoScan toolbox, so you could try first downloading just the driver if you're not wedded to CS toolbox. Also, to follow the instructions, you need to see the User Library which is hidden in Lion. Sep 24, PM. More Less. Answer: A: Answer: A: Thank you hypnoticdancer!

This works perfectly without any other install. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Ham Ham. User profile for user: alansky1 alansky1. User profile for user: 7p 7p. Jul 21, PM in response to ShawnBrizleDizle In response to ShawnBrizleDizle I have the same problem and do not see the reason to throw out a perfectly working piece of hardware if the fix could be so minor.

Jul 22, AM in response to 7p In response to 7p In many cases, no minor fix exists.

We are currently in the process of updating the listings on our website. However, the If you upgraded from The steps below will show you how to remove the drivers from the system. If any items are not listed, move on to the next step. Please perform the following: 1. From the Finder, hold the 'Control' key on your keyboard and click the 'Go' menu at the top of the screen. Open the 'Library' folder. Make note of any other files that may be in this folder. If other files are present, move them to the desktop for now.

Then place them back after successfully using the scanner. Return to the 'Library' folder. Open the 'Preferences' 7. Close the window and double-click on the Macintosh HD icon. Double-click on the folder named Users.

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Double-click on the folder named Shared. Return to the applications folder and Trash the CanoScan Toolbox folder. Open the Macintosh HD. Open the 'Home' icon on the left has a picture of a house. Open the Library folder. Open the Preferences Folder.

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Locate any items named "CanoScan Toolbox", send it to the trash. Restart your computer, then empty the trash. Once this has been done, we will reinstall. Just below 'Please choose your product from the menus below:', select your model in the following manner: Under Product Family, choose Scanners. A File Download box should appear.

When it does, select Save. When the Save As box comes up, click Save.